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                            WE promises the customers and companies between need to

        trust people to do business with us and trust each other. We honesty of that the customer

           expects, and the hope that we will hear their voice. The company's commitment is to

              stimulate brand loyalty and provide satisfaction while trying to better understand 

          customers. We believe that a perfect benchmarking reward system can make us one of 

           the more efficient elements, which makes it more reliable to achieve responsible work 

             standards, and responsible work standards must be in good faith with customers to 

                 strengthen communication and frank face challenge. By adopting these practical 

                         measures, we can achieve a fundamental transformation together.

          By taking these practical and reliable measures, we can work together to accelerate the 

                                                   transformation of our work.



1. Use a respectful and sincere attitude 

    to people to talk, never use

    Collaboration in a mysterious way


2. Multiple  Encourage employees to use 

    their real names and personal styles


3. Preparations Expect all possible 

    problems, how will you deal with and

    Remediation issues and pre-defined 

    treatment options


4. Responsible for enabling customers to 

    get in touch with any of the simplest and 

    most convenient models.

    To prove your responsibility. 


5. Sincerely show your meaning in the 

    mode of telling the truth, with the 

    customer's serious and sincere

    Use it to face all the problems that arise.

1. Understanding to respect and friendly 


2. Personally establish the company's long-

    term reputation to make a consistent 


3. Help to solve the problem, evaluate the 

    problem, the information and time    



4. Share the problem directly and equitably , 

    provide sufficient response opportunities 

    for customers.So that it can work with

    you to solve the problem


5. Open questions about the company's 

    interests. The heart listens to what they 

    want to say.

Laboratory Engineer

-Mike Lau 

Thorough corporate customer feedback, we can practice many knowledge out of schools.


    Rick Landry    


I usually use ULTRAFORCE 12kg or 14kg but I got 3 bolt sets modified for different FPS output. The one I use the most is shooting 350fps with 0.2g as this is the single auto cqb limit.



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