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ULTRAFORCE TR21-4 to CGA320 SodaStream Co2 Cylinder Refill Adaptor



  • With this adapter, you can attach a CO2 regulator with CGA320 thread to a paintball CO2 pin valve cylinder. Male CGA 320 thread fits the regulator.
  • Built-in pressure relief hole for safety when removing the adapter from the CO2 cylinder.
  • Made of hard aluminum alloy, never deformation. Surface oxidation treated, blue color not easy to scratch.
  • It is compatible with the American Standard CO2 paintball tank. It is not compatible with the soda stream carbonator and the Fluval 88g kit.
  • We would like to suggest you install your system with a wrench. You need to screw the adapter to the regulators first then after that screw the adapter on the co2 bottle.

TR21-4 to CGA320 SodaStream Co2 Cylinder Refill Adaptor

  • Specification
    1. Must be connected to regulator/tap to control flow.
    2. Connector: Female TR 21*4 to CGA320
    3. Color: Silver
    4. For Sodastream Machine.

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