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ULTRAFORCE Silicone Lubricants Spray 


  • Features

  • Consistent formulation for exact weight viscosity
  • Resists temperature changes, making it ideal for use in a wide variety of applications and climates
  • Great for use on GBBs, AEGs and all other types of Airsoft equipment
  • Ideal for all purpose use with camping, fishing, tools, and other outdoor equipment
  • No petroleum, safe to use on all rubbers
  • CFC free aerosol formulation
  • The Angel Custom lubricants are your ultimate answer for repair, maintenance, and custom work on your Airsoft equipment. Engineered to outperform, this unique formula was made for use with all types of metals, plastics, and rubbers. Designed to reduce friction, as well as wear and tear on moving parts, relubricate and improve longevity of o-rings Angel Custom silicone oil will help with improving performance of your equipment.

    Angel Custom Silicone Oil comes in 3 different weights: Light, Medium, and Heavy. 

    Choose your weight according to your needs and application:
  •  For high wear metals with sliding and rolling motion and high temperature applications ; frost-proof to -30F
  •  For general use on plastics and rubber; frost-proof to -40F
     For rubber, plastics, and metals in high wear applications, prevents o-ring cracking; frost-proof to -40F
  • Capacity: 180mL spray can

    Disclaimer: Aerosol spray is flammable, keep away from heat. Do NOT leave in hot vehicle. Keep away from children.

Silicone Lubricant Spray

    • Specification:

      Inlet thread: M18*1.5

      Outlet thread: G5/8

      Working Pressure:30MPa=300bar=4500psi

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