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  • Ultraforec Portable Cartridge Chager 
  • Rechargeable Cylinder can hold one 12g cartridge of compressed N2 Mixtiure or CO₂ and has been engineered to not leak gas for extended periods
  • With readout show
  • Equipped with a bleeder for safety
  • Holds one 12g Cartridge
  • Metal body can withstand: 130 kg/cm² pressure at 30-150˚C 
  • Major Color: Black / Gray 
  • Length: 215mm (With Pipe)
  • Item Weight: 170gram

Portable Cartridge Charger

SKU: 36
  • This is a single Co2 cartridge to be used in Co2-powered airsoft guns, grenades, landmines, andother such products. The cartridge is refillable making it great for those that want to continue toreuse the cartridges with green gas.


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