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Why airsoft O-Ring Seals Need Lubrication?

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Lubricating an O-ring is an important part of the assembly line process as it can help protect an application from abrasion or scuffing damage. Applications that are constantly in motion are prone to this wear over time. The addition of a lubricant can extend the operating life of the O-ring by creating a barrier film over its surface. This barrier film can also help reduce leakage by filling the asperities between the metal surface and the O-ring seal.

These benefits can be seen in Ultraforce Case Study, featuring airsoft manufacturing , a company that designs and airsoft manufactures a full range of kind material seal and o-ring line type for testing, . The company was looking to replace an existing grease with ansafe rubber contact to lubricate the O-ring seals of a pneumatic cylinder. The cylinder is a rotating piece of equipment that requires all seals to survive hundreds of thousands of cycles.

Ultraforce Seal Grease recommended that provide excellent water and oxidative resistance over a broad temperature range. The products were tested to make sure each eliminated stick-slip friction on the cylinders. The cylinders were lubricated with the cycled for several hundred thousand repetitions. Following testing, the cylinders were evaluated for smoothness (no stick-slip) and wear on the seals. Each product was subjected to an accelerated aging test to ensure the seals would last the expected life time of the application.

"The seals are made of EPDM elastomer and require good material compatibility from a lubricant. Ultraforce reached out to our airsoft manufactory Channel Partner in taiwan and hong kong , Technolube Seal, to find a compatible grease."

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