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Consistent, high quality BB's (5.95mm +/-0.01mm)

Precision lapping and polishing process ensures a perfectly spherical and smooth BB for best performance

Ultrafrce BBs are put through a precision lapping and polishing process to guarantee strict tolerances (diameter of 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm).


Ultraforce Glass BBs are further refined using a specially controlled cooling process which prevents bubbles and imperfections from forming giving you a more accurate BB.


Disclaimer: Glass & Metal BBs are intended for target practice / plinking only. DO NOT use for shooting at other players.


Size: 6mm

Quantity: 2857 rounds

Top Glass 6mm BBs

1 Kilogram
  • 0.35G 6mm Frosted Glass Marbles BBS 2857ROUNDS/BAG




    Material: Frosted Glass Marbles


    Quantity: 2857 Rounds/Pack


    High Grade precision:5.95±0.015mm




    1. 0.35G  BBS 2857 ROUNDS/BAG.


    2.perfect circle. Never stuck!Through the perfect control of the hardness and the friction coefficient.We gotthe product has a more stable trajectory!                              


    3.BB High-precision High-precision.Our product range is less than the allowable error 0.01MM.


    4.Made of high strenth/tough materials.


    5.No visible internal air bubbles.

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