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ULTRAFORCE  R134A GAS is our lightweight power gas. Its low-pressure formula means it’s perfect for airsoft guns that require a lower pressure gas due to their plastic construction, whilst still maintaining a skirmishable FPS. It’s also fantastic for keeping your FPS within site limits on those particularly hot days. 

Available in our 500ml gas bottles and features a polymer fill nozzle to protect fragile o-rings in colder conditions.



Low Pressure for Lightweight Guns

134a gas is an environmentally responsible alternative to 144a gas (banned for airsoft use). It’s a lower pressure than our other gases, like Red and Top gas, which means that it’s suitable for plastic guns or use during hot weather to keep your FPS under site limits.


Suspended Lubricant

Our gases feature a lubricant that dissolves within the gas, unlike silicone, which sits in the bottom of the tin and magazine. Since the lubricant stays suspended in the gas, it’s constantly nourishing the o-rings within the airsoft gun, regardless of magazine’s orientation, meaning there’s a more consistent air-seal and less chance of an o-ring failure.


Hot Weather Gas

Higher pressure gases have the tendency to have too much pressure in hot weather, it increases FPS and puts unnecessary stress on a gun’s internal components. By using a lower pressure gas like our r134a gas, you can maintain a site-legal FPS and reduce the stress on internal parts of your weapon without needing to take your gun apart to change parts.



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  • ULTRAFORCE R134A gas for hot summer days or pistols with plastic slides/ non blowback. Not suitable for cold temperatures or heavy slide pistols. Features a very stable gas pressure, exceptional trajectory control and increases the performance of your gun significantly.


    Pressure at 20°C: 0.7 Mpa / 101 Psi / 7 Bar
    Capacity: 500ml
    Fill quantity: 260g

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