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ULTRAFORCE R134A Charge adapter 7/16" threads into the Freon source or bottle adapter on any plastic slide gun designed to use less power gas like R134A  as a power source, allowing the user to power their Korea or Japan  gun with disposable R134A or Feron bottel with 7/16 Threads. This Ultraforce R134A Charge Adaptor is safe and simple to install and operate, allowing the user to power their airsoft gun with plastic slide, R134A filling adaptor to obtain more shots before replacement is required.

R134A Charge Adaptor

SKU: 100
  • ULTRAFORCE R134A Charge Adaptor

    • - Adaptor for Standard Feron Can Thread 
    • - Metal construction. 
    • - Designed for charging R134A or Freon Gas 
    • - For standard 7/16Thread 
    • - Color - Black
    • - Weight - Approx 45g 
    • - Original Packing 
    • - Suitable for outdoor war game activities. 
    • Perfect for short shooting sessions, g-un testing, leak detection, Bike Inflator  etc.
    • Reduce r-ifle size and weight (perfect for stalking and hunting)
    • Full Metal construction.
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