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ULTRAFORCE QUICK RELEASE COILED HOSE SET  which is what you want in paintball remote air systems.


Features the coiled high strength heavy duty hose, it will never get in your way, but is always long enough for those "around the tree" shots. Designed from the ground up with the demands of paintball in mind, you'll walk on the field confident. Allows you to have "pistol" easy movement with your paintball marker. Unlike braided stainless steel hoses, the coil will expand and contract to fit the position you're in. This coiled remote also features the slide check for easy on/off ability, and quick disconnect capability. 



- Thick, flexible, coiled hose - rated for CO2 pressures (3000 PSI)

- Quality Aluminum LARGE On/off knob with knurling

- Quickly disconnects - Slide check to stop/start gas flow

- Takes your cylinder off your marker

- Requires use of harness with tank pouch

Quick Release Coiled Hose Set

SKU: 300
    • Features: 
      - Fill your HPA/PAINTBALL tank with high quality charging hose 
      - For use with all HPA systems 

      ID/OD(mm): 3.5mm / 8mm
      WP/BP(PSI): 1000PSI / 4500PSI
      Material: Nylon, Brass

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