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ULTRAFORCE Maintenance Kit


  • Maintenance pack for servicing, lubricating & cleaning of all airsoft, BB, air guns & replica RIFs
  • Genuine ULTRAFORCE Airsoftproduct pack includes:
  • Plastic Lubricant Oil (60ml)
  • Oil Remover (60ml)
  • Pump (for the oil remover)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Stick-Easy (18g)
  • Silicone Grease (10g)
  • Gear Grease (10g)
  • Bearing Oil (10ml)
  • Cleaning cloth



Product Information


The Ultrforce Airsoft maintenance kit is a must have kit for any gun enthusiast or airsoft, mil-sim, skirmish player. The UltrforceWE kit comes with everything you need to keep your gas GBB & electric AEG weapons in A1 condition, giving you an edge on your opponents. Servicing, cleaning and maintaining your airsoft guns and equipment should be the top rule, and this maintenance kit is one step closer to achieving that goal. The kit includes everything you need and more such as degreaser, silicone spray and drop oil form, cleaning cloths and putty to remove stubborn muck and grit.




Maintenance Kit

    • The Plastic has different formula when comparing to the silicone spray in the market.With its same usage,this same usage,this lubricants won"t cause any damage to rubber or seal.The StickEasy Clay is resusable and can clean the in-depth area on guns such as the inner parts gearbox.

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