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Used and recommended by major airsoft  or firearms manufacturers, Ultraforce 
Gun Action Cleaner's consistent high pressure spray contains a unique blend of 
solvents and cleaning agents designed to blast away powder residue, grease, 
oil and other debris from airsoft or firearm actions, slides, barrels and parts. 
Safe on your airsoft or firearm's metal finishes and will not harm polymers 
subjected to incidental contact. This unique formula displaces water, great for 
when your firearm is caught out in a rainstorm while hunting. Its quick drying, 
zero residue properties make it ideal for final degreasing of firearms prior to b
luing, parkerizing or spray finish applications. The non-chlorinated, CFC free 
formula dries quickly and leaves no residue. 
Read entire label before using this product.




1. Cleans and protects your airsoft or firearms in one easy step

2. Penetrates deep into rusted airsoft and firearms freeing       

     stuck parts and aids in cleaning .

3. Provides long-lasting protection from rust.

4.Removes oil spots,carbon and grease.


Packing :  500ml x 24pcs / Carton 




SKU: 2000
  • An industry first filp up nozzle provides PIN--POINT CHEMICAL application with nozzle in the "UP" position. The " DOWN" position provides a wider spray and safety stores the straw when not in use.

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