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ULTRAFORCE CO2 Charger Adaptor 


NOTE: Not ok to use on GBB (Gas Blow Back)


ULTRAFORCE CO2 Charger Adaptor is special designed for CO2 powered gears.


Problems you might have:

(1)There is no CO2 output:The CO2 tank valve is not pushed by the ULTRAFORCE CO2 Charger Adaptor  brass screw.Not all tank valves are built the same and you need to do with the height of the pin located at the center of the valve.You can also adjust the brass screw inside the ULTRAFORCE CO2 Charger Adaptor . In this case, you need to use screw driver and counter-clockwise to turn the brass screw up


(2) Removing the adapter from a partially charged CO2 tank: You need to do the following.Loosen the adapter about 1/2 - 3/4 turn, and then press the stem against a hard surface to release the trapped CO2.Once this is done, the adapter?

should come off the rest of the way with no trouble at all.

This is the much the same procedure we use when removing the tank from a paintball gun.On the paintball guns you'll see they've provided a small vent hole, which aids in the release of?that bit of gas pressure.There is also a vent hole on the ULTRAFORCE CO2 Charger Adaptor  which provides the same function.




The CO2 power is only designed for model: ULTRAFORCE TANK AND CHARGER


NOTE: If you use CO2 as the power of your airsoft, it may cause damages on your gears.

NOTE: This is a B.B. shower toy. Not a real thing.

Please wear goggle all the time and don't aim to people.

For PCP guns that come with a fill adapter that needs a DIN connection to 3/8" BSPP hoses for pump or scuba tank adapter.



Co2 Charger Adaptor

  • ULTRAFORCE Co2 Charger Adaptor

    • - Adaptor for Standard Cylinder 
    • - Metal construction. 
    • - Designed for charging Co2 /N2 Mixture Cartridge  
    • - For standard cylinder / re-chargeable paintball cylinder. 
    • - Color - Black
    • - Weight - Approx 45g 
    • - Original Packing 
    • - Suitable for outdoor war game activities. 
    • Perfect for short shooting sessions, g-un testing, leak detection, Bike Inflator  etc.
    • Reduce r-ifle size and weight (perfect for stalking and hunting)
    • Full Metal construction.
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