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This 3/8" CO2 -GBB Convert adapter for any type of co2 cartridges with 3/8 thread  into the co2 source or valve adapter on any GBB gun designed to use CO2 as a power source, allowing the user to power their airsoft gun with disposable any type of ULTRAFORCE CO2 cartridges. This CO2 Convert adapter is safe and simple to install and operate, allowing the user to power their paintball gun with much larger, Co2 cartridges to obtain more shots before replacement is required.



Co2 Cartridges-GBB Convert Adaptor 3/8"

  • With this Ultraforce CO2-GBB convert adapter 3/8" you can charge BB grenades (shells) with CO2 instead of the commonly used airsoft Gas. CO2 has the advantage of being more powerful and works far better at lower temperatures. For this adapter you'll need a 8/12/16/24/33/45/72/88/94 grams thread CO2 cartridge.

    To prevent filling with too much pressure, there’s a manually adjustable regulator to adjust the pressure which can be checked on the Ultraforce  pressure gauge of the Adjustable CO2 adapter.

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