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ULTRAFORCE G5/8" Mini  Refilling Adaptor 4500psi

G 5/8"  Thread 


Paintball PCP Fill Station 300bar/4500psi Din Filling Charging Adaptor and Hose

Paintball PCP Din Fill Station-300bar/4500psi w/ 20" Steel Braided hose Spring Reinforced Hose.


High quality HPA fill station for quick refilling of HPA tanks. Can be used with scuba tanks with DIN connector. Rated for 300bar/4500PSI. 



Specification: Material: Sainless Steel Color Silver

Whole Length: Approx. 115cmL x 40D

Weight: Approx. 320g

Package list: 1 x Charging Adapter with Hand Tight G5/8 Connector


G5/8" Mini Refilling Adaptor

    • G5/8 male thread size to 8mm quick disconnect fitting.

      Working pressure up to 30MPa / 300Bar / 4500psi.

      Stainless Steel body construction, very durable.

      The integrated bleeding valve with accurate pressure gauge, easy operation.

      Widely used in refilling for Scuba tanks, paintball HPA cylinders and other air charging system.

      Package include: 

      1 x Adaptor Converter (With Gauge) 


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