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ULTRAFORCE Air Tank On/Off Quick Disconnect Valve Adaptor 

Input Thread : G1/2-14UNF 

Output Thread : 8mm Quick Disconnect 



  • Integrated pressure gauge for safety.

  • Use your existing CO2 regulator without any modification.

  • Adjustable valve pin ensures compatibility with any cylinder valve variation.

  • Advanced adapter design means no more leaks while attaching the adapter to the cylinder.

  • The male/output thread on the adapter is made to DIN477 / JIS m22-14 / W21.8-14 / .860"x1/14 (covers UK, Europe and Asia) specifications, which will fit industry standard regulators.


  • Attach your regulator to the adapter using an appropriate wrench or spanner.

  • Holding the cylinder firmly with one hand, tighten the adapter/regulator to the cylinder using a wrench or spanner.

  • The pin inside the adapter will depress the valve on the cylinder to open the flow of gas.

  • Continue to tighten the adapter to the cylinder until the cylinder slips in your hand.

Air Tank on/off Quick Disconnect Valve Adaptor

  • Specification:

    Color: Black

    Material: Aluminum

    Interface Size: G 1/2

    Output Ports: 8MM QD

    Maximum Pressure:30000 PSI

    Height: 62 mm

    Dial Diameter: 23 mm



    --Unit screws onto a paintball Co2 bottle with a knob that activate the pin valve. 

    --Universal fill adapter with 3000 PSI mini gauge for CO2 fill station and remotes. 


    Package Included:

    1 x CO2 Fill Adaptor

    • - Weight - Approx 45g 
    • - Original Packing 
    • - Suitable for outdoor war game activities. 
    • Perfect for short shooting sessions, g-un testing, leak detection, Bike Inflator  etc.
    • Reduce r-ifle size and weight (perfect for stalking and hunting)
    • Full Metal construction.
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