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The ULTRAFORCE™ 48/4500  Carbon fibre tank Set  is a  Carbon fibre HPA tank mounted with one of our top standard regulators. Every ULTRAFORCE ™ regulator is ISO 10297 compliant and fulfils all the requirements and standards. Dominator™ HPA Aluminium Tanks are handcrafted, factory tested and are known for the best performance as HPA utilities.


- 0.79L / 48CI (Cubic Inches) Capacity
- 0.74Kg
- 5/8-18UNF-2B (Thread size)
- Ideal for airsoft / Paintball HPA system
- Carbon fibre Construction
- Low-Profile, Lightweight Design
- 5 year hydro date
- Standard Dominator™ Regulator included
- Dual burst disks-HP and LP
- ISO 10297, DOT Compliant
- O-ring seal design to prevent leaks
- Ball Valve style regulator design giving 30% improved flow over pin valve designs

48/4500  Carbon fibre tank Set

SKU: 120
    • BUILT FOR PAINTBALL! 5 Year 48ci 3000psi Compressed Air HPA Paintball Tank is Perfect for your Paintball Marker! Enhanced accuracy, more consistent velocity, and higher performance in all weather conditions over CO2! All Compressed Air HPA Paintball Tanks are Shipped EMPTY and must be filled prior to use.
    • High Quality 48ci 3000psi  5 Year HPA Tank | DOT / TC certified
    • Industry-Standard 3000psi regulator has excellent flow, efficiency, and a stable pressure output | 11" Length x 3.75" Width | 
    • Fresh Manufactured Date Guaranteed - 5 Year Re-Test Cycle - The date stamped on these tanks is the date the tank was manufactured, NOT an expiration date. Tanks are good for 5 years after the stamped date until they will need to be re-hydrotested.
    • All Compressed Air HPA tanks are shipped EMPTY to comply with Department of Transportation laws. Tanks Must Be Filled Prior to Use. | Designed w/ Safety as a top Priority!
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