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ULtraforce  3000PSI 13ci Tank & Regulator set


  • 21.5 cubic inch aluminum bottle
  • 3,000 psi maximum pressure (206 bar)
  • Regulator output pressure of 800 psi
  • Fill via male quick disconnect fitting fixed on valve assembly
  • Bonnet thread
  • low pressure burst disc
  • Restrictor, bleed hole and safety groove
  • Mini fill valve is hardened, plated
  • Weight: .6lbs
  • Black
  • Includes tank only


For additional shot consistency and charging convenience, you'll love converting certain CO2 guns to high-pressure air. Choose this exceptionally lightweight tank with its integrated regulator and enjoy thousands of shots from the 3,000 psi charge.

The ULTRAFORCE 21.5 oz. aluminum high pressure air tank is the perfect pairing for many airguns and a common modding accessory.  It's particularly useful for QB79 owners.

Please Note:  This high-pressure tank must be filled through the male quick-disconnect on the neck. Before buying, please contact your local air supplier to see if they can fill this tank. Paintball stores may be able to fill your tank, so you may be able to find a fill source through them.  Many fill sites may be able to fill your tank but may need an adaptor to do so.

21.5ci Tank / Regulator set-0.35L/3000PSI

    • Material: Aluminum, Water Volume: 0.35L, Gas Volume: 105L, Capicity: 21.5 ci, Filling Gas: Air
    • Tank Height: 250mm, Tank Diameter: 61mm, Bottle Thread Size: M18x1.5-6H, Regulator Input Thread Size: M18x1.5-6H, Output Thread Size: 0.825-14NGO.
    • Regulator Max. Pressure: 4500PSI, Aluminum Tank Pressure: 3000PSI, Output: 800PSI.
    • Light-weight Aluminum Bottle, A perfect aluminum tank for any paintball marker that operates on High Pressure Air.
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