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  • HIGH QUALITY 3/8-24 SIZE THREADED- high quality threaded co2 cartridges fits most high quality inflator can let co2 cartridges easy screwed right to the end of the CO2 inflator head where the pin punches a hole,also it can fit virtually all threaded CO2 bike tire inflators.
  • NO OIL INSIDE-Our co2 cartridges were washed by water,There is no oil inside co2 cartridges,So that there is no oil inside bike tire,It will protect your bike tire
  • GAS VOLUME GUARANTEE-Every Cartridges is weighted before send for you,So that not have empty cartridges and less gas volume cartridges
  • HIGH PURITY GAS-Our co2 cartridges use high quality co2 gas,the purity can reach 99.9%,so that the gas will be very easy flow out and inflate your tire
  • WARNING: Never put the cartridges in or near any hot place,such as inside car or direct in sunshine,near heater and oven. Please make sure the co2 gas release totally that means the cartridges is totally empty ,then screw out the co2 cartridge out from the valve

16g Refillable Co2 Cartridge with thread

SKU: 0011
  • Refillable co2 cartridge 16g with 3/8-24UNF threaded 


    1. Max pressure resistance: 6MPA

    2. Material: Stainless steel and copper

    3. Same size with disposable 16g

    4. The item including 1pc refillable 16g co2 cartridge only, the adapter just for apply reference.

     Refillable 16g CO2 Cartridge is an economical alternative for all CO2 16g for beer,tire inflator, airsoft etc. The reusable CO2-styled cartridge can be refilled with a bulk supply of CO2 (e.g., refillable CO2 tanks), saving on the expense of disposable individual cartridges. Made out of high impact grade stainless steelO2 cartridge will preform its best through each CO2 tank.

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