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ULTRAFORCE 12g  REFILLABLE CO2 CARTRIDGE  to be used in Co2-powered airsoft guns, grenades, landmines, and other such products. The cartridge is refillable making it great for those that want to continue to reuse the cartridges with green gas. Pick up a couple of these and you are all set for next skirmish.



Manufacturer: ULTRAFORCE

Model: Refillable CO2 / Green Gas 12gram Cartridge

Package Includes: One (1) Cartridge

Size :  8.5CM L * 6CM D 




Refillable Design

Perfect for Co2-powered airsoft GBB /Co2 / Airgun System 

12g Refillable Cartridge

SKU: 0009
  • Have a sidearm you use as a backup on the field? Tired of losing a 12 gram CO2 Cartridge every time you load your marker whether you use it or not? The Reusable 12g CO2 Cartridge is for you!


    Known Compatibility List:

    - RAP4 Combat Pistol

    - RAP226

    - RAM P99

    - Tiberius T8/T8.1 Pistol

    - Sheridan PGP

    - RTR Gargoyle

    - Kingman pistols

    - Walther PPQ

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