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  • Ultraforec Portable Cartridge Chager 
  • Rechargeable Cylinder can hold different air or gas of compressed N2 Mixtiure or CO₂ ,HPA air or Propane  has been engineered to not leak gas for extended periods
  • With readout show
  • Equipped with a bleeder for safety
  • Can filling N2 Mixtiure or CO₂ ,HPA air or Propane
  • Metal body can withstand: 130 kg/cm² pressure at 30-150˚C 
  • Major Color: Black 
  • Length: 375mm (With Pipe)
  • Item Weight: 1040gram

0.45L Portable Cylinder Charger

SKU: 18
  • This is a special designed to be used in N2 Mixtiure or CO₂ ,HPA air or Propane powered airsoft guns, grenades, landmines, andother such products. The refillable cylinder is refillable making it great for those that want to continue toreuse the different gas or air.


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